SongKick FTW

metaldazza / May 22, 2012, midnight

I'm currently trialing Song Kick as a source for gigs in NMA. There will likely be some overlap with the previous data gigs aren't merged correctly but this will flush itself out over time. It's looking good so far. Song Kick is a very good, reliable source and there information seems to be very accurate. If you notice and problems then poke me.

The downside is that NMA doesn't get a cut of affiliate fees for buying gig tickets any more and to buy tickets you need to follow the SK link but I think this is a small price to pay for a more complete set of gigs with less errors.

be seeing you




PS: Yes I am still here and I know it's been a long time since I posted a blog.

NMA Footage: Flayed Disciple at Brixton Mass

metaldazza / May 4, 2011, midnight

On the 24th of April Flayed Disciple played at the Brixton Mass supporting Aeon and Cerebral Bore. I filmed a few of their songs from the set. Flayed Disciple were band if the night for me. Their mix of Thrash and Death is just perfect and the lack of bass player perfects their line up :) BTW if you ever have the misfortune to go to the Brixton Mass be aware that the pictures they show on their website are either not real or they don't put on Metal gigs in that room. The room we were in was a typical metal dive..... except south of the river so everyone has to leave early.... be warned late bands and promoters.


Feast In The Forest Of Impaled Bodies


Ejaculate While Killing








Minor Updates to NMA

metaldazza / March 24, 2011, midnight

A few people have been having problems adding gigs to NMA. I've fixed a few little bugs and it should all be back up and running now.  Of course it would help if people read the instructions on the right hand side :)


metaldazza / March 6, 2011, midnight

If you've come here before you'll notice that NMA doesn't look the same anymore. After a LONG protracted redesign NMA has moved to a new platform with a new design. Somethings have made it to the new platform others haven't. Some new things have appeared but I hope I can continue to add to NMA over the coming months taking the site forward.

I'd just like to say thanks to Sacha for the code he contributed and Kilymore for the New New Metal Army logo. Hopefully this means that the long period of silence is over.


NMA Footage: Abadden at the Dublin Castle

metaldazza / Nov. 9, 2010, 10:53 a.m.

Abadden supported Bloodwrath and Terminal Sick at the Dublin Castle on the 2nd of November. Despite a poor turnout (there was a tube strike on) the band put on an excellent performance. One to watch for the future.

Abadden - My Misery

Abadden - Conquer!

Abadden - Resurrection